ACR 2 Solutions, Compliance Helper, and Rebecca Herold and Associates announce a strategic partnership to provide HIPAA HITECH solutions

Get Compliant, Stay Compliant, Prove Compliance

March 5, 2010 - As part of a combined HIPAA HITECH solution, ACR 2 Solutions, the technology leader in automated risk assessment software, will help medical organizations identify the privacy and information security risks in their current information systems. Compliance Helper (CH) will then provide turn-key solutions for those needing policies and procedures based on content developed by Rebecca Herold and Associates. The combination of the ACR 2 Gap Report and the CH Prepare and Care solution creates a simple and organized process for organizations to become fully HIPAA HITECH compliant.

ACR 2 customers who have identified a non-compliance risk may select the CH Prepare solution which helps them get compliant, the Care solution which helps them stay compliant, and the Compliance Meter&trade which allows them to prove their compliance. Similarly, CH customers may choose the Risk Assessment option and begin to integrate their risk assessments with their policy and procedure safeguards.

Jack Kolk, CEO of ACR2 Solutions, said "We are delighted to find a policy compliance solution for our clients which ties into our risk assessment solution so elegantly."

Jack Anderson, CEO of Compliance Helper, said, "Risk assessment is the first step in the process of risk management. We share a market vision and philosophy with ACR2 Solutions that dovetails nicely with our technology and methodology."

Rebecca Herold, CISM, CISSP, CISA, CIPP, FLMI, stated in her article in the February 2010 issue of Compliance Today magazine, "Covered entities (CE) are now accountable for more active validation of business associate (BA) security and privacy program compliance, beyond just having a BA contract in place. It is more important than ever for CEs to take proactive measures to ensure BAs establish and maintain effective and appropriate information security and privacy policies and other supporting actions."

Under NIST guidelines for HIPAA Security Rule Compliance, Covered Entities "May consider asking the business associate to conduct a risk assessment that addresses administrative, technical, and physical risks, if reasonable and appropriate." (NIST 800-66, rev 1, p48). With packages starting at less than $1,000 a year, the ACR 2 Risk Assessment program for BA information security is more than reasonable. Linking BA scores to the ACR 2 Enterprise console allows CEs to prove BA compliance in real time.

ACR 2 Solutions (ACR2) is a leading developer and innovator of information security and regulatory compliance solutions. We specialize in software solutions that meet the needs of companies trying to keep up with rapidly expanding information security and compliance laws. Our products focus on automated risk assessment and risk management for regulatory compliance with federal mandates including GLBA, HIPAA, FISMA as well as industry regulations such as the PCI DSS.

Compliance Helper provides a safe, effective, and cost efficient method for healthcare organizations to comply with privacy and information security standards. Compliance Helper .s cloud computing technology delivers templates of policies, procedure, and forms developed by Rebecca Herold and Associates, a step by step process, and a personal Helper to guide and advise the customer.

Rebecca Herold, "The Privacy Professor"®, is an information privacy, security and compliance consultant, author, instructor and management tool creator with her own company, Rebecca Herold & Associates, LLC. Rebecca also provides a wide range of information security and privacy training and awareness products and services that CEs and BAs can also use to round out their compliance requirements program. Rebecca has provided information security, privacy and compliance services to organizations in a wide range of industries throughout the world for over two decades.

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