Webinar Schedule

This educational Webinar will review the use of the ACR 2 program to comply with the risk assessment required annually for banks and other financial institutions. During the webinar, the presenter will demonstrate the use and flexiblity of the suite of ACR 2 product specially crafted for your industry. You will see how implementing ACR 2 into your compliance review will relieve much of the hard leg-work involved with creating an accurate risk assessment.

Seminar and Training Schedule

"Corporate Compliance for Banks with the ACR 2 Solution"

ACR 2 periodically presents seminars and training workshops in various locations. These can be contracted or occur in conjunction with trade shows or other sponsored events.

  • Thursday May, 30th at 12:00 EST
  • If you would like a personalized seminar, please contact sales@acr2solutions.com.

Please feel free to e-mail us for additional information regarding any event.

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